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Independent Living Program

If you are a youth between the ages of 15 and 17 and are likely to remain in foster care, this program is for you. Washington State's Independent Living (IL) can help you get the skills you need to succeed in life on your own.

The IL program helps you get ready to live on your own by giving you information about:

You can get Independent Living services through classes and workshops and through local agencies who can work with you one-on-one.

Eligibility Criteria for Independent Living Skills

To be eligible for the Independent Living Program youth must be 15 years old or older (through 21 years of age), currently in foster care in an open dependency action through DSHS or a tribal child welfare agency for at least 30 days after their 15th birthday. Once initial eligibility has been met youth remain eligible until age 21.

Please note youth are not eligible for IL services if they achieved a permanent plan of return home, guardianship or adoption before they met the initial eligibility criteria above.

For more information about Independent Living, email ILSKIDS@dshs.wa.gov or contact your local DCFS office.