Thank You Letters

Donít you love it when people say thank you? Even a two-line thank you note will show the employer how courteous you are and help you be remembered. Talk about bang for your buck... follow the tips below to write a follow up letter or thank you note that will help you get the job you want!

  1. Say thanks: If you donít have a lot of time just say thank you. People love this! Besides, itís good manners.
  2. Be thoughtful: Send a unique note to each person in the interview or meeting. Your kindness will be remembered.
  3. Be brief: A few lines might do nicely. Donít make it more than a half a page unless you have some really great things to say.
  4. Be speedy: Send it in the mail the same or next day if it is a job interview and you want to get it to them before they make a decision.
  5. Express yourself: If you are enthusiastic about the position and the company, say so. Donít hold back.
  6. Be personal: Mention a part of the discussion you enjoyed. Tell the interviewer how great it was to find someone else who collects Elvis stamps.
  7. Be brilliant: Now is your chance to say it right. You can add any brilliant ideas that you, so conveniently, thought of just after you left the interview in your follow up letter. You could also direct them to any resources, ideas, or people that you think could help them.
  8. Follow up: Offer them something like another meeting, a resume, or mention a date that you will contact them.
  9. Be professional: Run the letter by a friend who will proofread it for tone, spelling, and grammar. Type the letter or write the note using your best handwriting on quality stationary or resume paper.
  10. Be real: You donít want to give them a hard sales pitch or gush on endlessly.