How to Find Hidden Jobs

  1. When you look at the Help Wanted ads, and find nothing there for you, it's easy to think that no one needs your skills.

  2. The truth is a whole world of job opportunities exists out there beyond the ones that are advertised in newspapers, the Internet, and local employment offices. These unadvertised jobs (3/4 of all jobs!) make up the Hidden Job Market

  3. Where is the Hidden Job Market? It could be booming at a location very near you. Job opportunities are opening all the time for several reasons.

  4. If people quit or get fired this usually means that there is a job vacancy.

  5. Likewise, if someone gets promoted or someone retires an opening will probably occur.

  6. Job openings also occur when new businesses start or existing businesses expand.

  7. The Hidden Job Market exists because, before paying to advertise the job, employers will usually ask others in their network if they know someone who fits the position. Most jobs are filled this way before they ever have to be advertised.

  8. So how do you find these jobs that aren't advertised? The key to unlocking these hidden opportunities is to use the following strategies of Networking, Research, and Approaching Employers Directly.

  9. Networking

    Your job search is not something to keep to yourself. Get out of the house and let people know what you are looking for and how you are qualified. The more people you tell the better!

  10. Research

    Use the Internet, your local library and newspapers as resources to locate employers and jobs that may be of interest to you.

  11. Approaching Employers Directly.

    Don't be afraid to approach employers directly when you are interested in them. It always helps to know something about the employer (and your skills) beforehand.

  12. When you discover how to Network, Research, and Approach Employers Directly you will have access to way more and (statistics say) better job opportunities!

  13. Let's look at what we've discovered so far...

  14. Most job openings are not advertised. Here are three ways to find these unadvertised jobs:

  15. That's all folks. Select one of the following choices to get more information.

    1. Networking

    2. Research

    3. Approaching Employers